Opencare wanted to gain visibility against big competitors in a niche market so they could increase traffic and boost conversions.


Victorious identified specialized content themes through innovative keyword research that pinpointed ranking opportunities.


Opencare climbed the ranks with more than 18,000 page one keywords that led to an 85% increase in click-through rates.

Finding the right dentist can be hard, especially if the dental chair is not your favorite place to be on a Tuesday morning. Enter, Opencare, an online directory that quickly and painlessly connects people with dentists in their area.

But as easy as their service is for customers, competing in a niche market was not so easy for Opencare. They knew they’d need to not only rank across several US metropolitan areas, but rank against some pretty big competitors. They also knew they’d need to bring in an experienced and trustworthy SEO partner to meet their goals.

A Smart Site Structure Connects Patients and Providers

Working closely with Opencare’s content and development teams, Victorious strategists demonstrated how a strategic site structure could leverage new SEO content to attract qualified leads in competitive cities.

We brought keyword themes to Opencare’s in-house content team and workshopped how to write search optimized content. Their team ran with those themes to create high-quality SEO content that would improve search ranking across those strategic keyword groups and drive targeted traffic to the Opencare site.

And because Opencare was up against some big competitors in a niche market, we added a rigorous backlinking plan to their overall campaign to boost trust and authority signals for their site.

The Results

1. 7,312 positive Google position changes.

2. More than 18,000 page one keywords.

Opencare’s page one search results exploded, swooping in from page ten to claim top spots for several high-volume, competitive keywords and culminating in 4.5 million impressions for key phrases like “dentist near me.”

3. An 85% increase in click-through rates.

Opencare earned over 50,000 clicks from millions of impressions for their highest priority keyword.

Finding the Right SEO Partner Facilitates Gains

Our partnership with Opencare exemplifies the transformative power of open collaboration and transparent processes. Not only did the Opencare team diligently implement our recommendations, but, empowered with their new SEO knowledge, they innovated on our strategy and drilled down into niche content that continues to attract high-conversion traffic.